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How to Leave And Return to The Pier with A RC Sailboat

Before you start a radio sailing session, it is important to know how to leave the pier and how to come back.
You need to act in relation of the wind (its direction and intensity) at the moment you will place your model yacht on the water. So, check the prevalent wind direction, first.
When you handle it out of the water, remember to grip the RC sailboat from the aluminum blade of the keel.
To avoid it does not suddenly fly away while from your hands, let the sails go freely and keep the bow of the hull and the sails pointed in the wind until you will place your boat on the water.

How to leave and return when the pier is downwind


• To start from the dock where the wind comes in front of you, your boat will have to sail upwind.
Place it on the water and then turn the bow slightly away the no-go zone, tight in the sails acting on the left joystick of your radio control unit.
The wind will start to power the sails and the boat will move forward.
Act on the right joystick to control the boat direction by steering. Start to heading off just a bit to accelerate and now your boat will sail away from the pier fully under your control.
• To return back to the floating wharf, sail downwind and start a large turn that will keep the boat on a broad reach that points your destination on the pier.
Let go of the sails to slow down the boat speed. Before to be too close to the dock, turn quickly the bow into the wind and ease completely the sails. Keep the vessel pointed into the no-go zone, in iron, with the sails luffing into the wind.
The wind will slowly push back the boat more close to the pier, where it will be easier to take it out of the water. (Remember to keep the bow pointing into the wind, with the. Sails completely released, and to firmly grip the keel in your hand).

How stop your sailboat

When your radioyacht is sailing, you can always stop your model by just turning the bow into the wind and letting go of the sails control line. When you do this, the wind pressure is off of the sails and they don’t generate push, the boat will stop almost immediately. This also is good for docking when the dock is upwind.

How to leave and return when the pier is upwind

 • Starting from the dock when the wind comes from your shoulders, your boat will sail away running downwind.
Keeping the bow inline with the direction of the wind and the sails well released. Place the boat on the water, turn the hull pointing downwind and leave it running away with the sails powered by the wind.
 • To return back to the pier your boat will have to sail windward.
Sail it, point at a slow speed to your destination on the pier. Steer and luff into the wind and release the sails to reduce the boat speed. When you’re close to the dock, head up the hull in iron just in front of you, so will be easy to take the boat from the water.
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