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BAITING 2500 V2 GPS With Fish Finder Carp Fishing Boat RC Bait Boat Fishing Boat 2.4GHZ RTR

Item No.: 3152V2F
RC bait boat with radio remote controls, bait boat with 2500 grams bait loading capacity, to deliver your hook and bait to the spot within 500-meter range, then release the bait to attract fish around the spot.

BAITING 2500 V2 RC BAIT BOAT GPS 2.4GHz RTR With TF520 Fish Finder

Model No.: 3152V2F

Kit Content:

1× RC Bait Boat
1× Boat Bag
1× 2A AC Charger
1× 6.4V 12Ah LiFePo Battery Pack
1× 2.4GHz 500m Range Radio System Integrated with GPS Functions
1x TF520 Tolson Fish Finder
(Required 4 pieces AA Alkaline Batteries)

RC Bait Boat Feature and Function:

A). 2.5 KG Bait Hopper Capacity: The hopper of the bait boat can load a maximum of 2.5 kg bait.
B). 1 Meters per second Boat Speed: Brushless motor and ESC, the driving speed can reach 1 meters per second.
C). Radio Control Baiting and Hook Release: Use the radio to control the bait or hook to the chosen spots.
D). Fully Autopilot Driving 2 hrs,Fully Manual Driving 1.5 hrs.
      Over 14 Times Bait Release Per Batt. Charge within 150 Meters Range.

E). Reserved Mounting & Power Port for Fish Finder: This item include Toslon TF520 fish finder.
F). 2.4 GHz Radio with Power Batt. Indicator: The radio can control the boat without disturbance, the battery indicator on the transmitter will show the power of the battery for the boat.
G). Front & Rear LED Navigation Lights with Low-Voltage Warning: The LED light can help us to identify the location and direction of the boat, the low-voltage warning system can remind us to control the boat back in time.
H). GPS Function: One Button Return & 4 Fishing Spots Marking. Press the button ” One Button Return”, the boat will return back to the original spot. 4 fishing spots can help us to remember where we release the bait, then we can deliver the hook to the same location. the bait boat GPS autopilot function can be easily realized.

How to Release the Bait

A). Open boat cover, put LiFePo battery inside, fix it with the velcro strap.
B). Use the battery plug to plug in the receiver power connector. the light on the receiver turns on.
(remarks: The transmitter (bait boat) shall turn on before receiver (remote controller) turns on,_ then the control system is working.
C). When the transmitter (remote controller) and receiver (bait boat) of the boat both turn on, rotate the knob on the transmitter to C. the lock pin at the rear will withdraw into the lock.
D). Rotate the knob on the transmitter to B, the lock pin at the rear will extend to the end of the lock to lock the rear lock.
E). Rotate the knob to A, use your hand to close the door of the bait hopper.
F). Put 2500 grams bait inside the hopper.
G). Control the boat with 2500 grams bait to a spot 10 meters away from the shore. Press the button GPS (ON) on the transmitter for 5 seconds. Meanwhile, the corresponding green light is on for GPS (RETURN)( indicate that the original spot is memorized, it is also called the return spot.
H). Control the boat to a spot, rotate the knob on transmitter from A to B to open the door, the bait will fall down in the water to attract fish to eat the bait at this spot.
I). Press any one of the 4 POSITIONING buttons for 5 seconds, the green light will turn on ( The boat has memorized the coordinate of this spot). We can later remote control the boat with hook or bait to the spot again as long as we press the corresponding positioning button. If you want to cancel the positioning of one spot, press the corresponding positioning button for 5 seconds.
J). Press the button GPS(RETURN) for 1 second, the boat will come back to the spot 10 meters from the nearest shore and stop there. As long as we pull or push the trigger or rotate the wheel from the transmitter, the boat will cancel the return automatically and turn to be controlled by humans. Once again if you want to start return automatically, you need to press GPS(RETURN)again. then the boat will return automatically. The 4 green lights on the transmitter will flash if the battery power is low, we need to control the boat back as soon as possible for the boat to have the remaining power to drive for 500-800 meters.

How to Release the Hook

When the bait has already been delivered and released and the boat has returned back, we will control the bait boat to deliver the hook.

RC Bait Boat Measurement and Packing:

Gift Box Size: 73.5× 35 × 27.5 cm
One Carton: 1 pcs
Carton Size: 75 × 36.5 × 29 cm
20′ Container: 382 pcs
40′ Container: 785 pcs